Sim Object Types

Object Interactions

There are 105 object types within AI2-THOR. Each object type has a range of Interactions that they are compatible with, detailed in the table below:

  • Open/Close - These objects can be opened or closed using the OpenObject and CloseObject actions.
  • Pickupable - These objects are able to be picked up or put down into Receptacles by the Agent using the PickupObject and PutObject actions. Picked up objects can also be dropped using DropHandObject which will remove the object from the Agent’s hand without needing a target receptacle. Throw is an extension of dropping an object, where an additional force is added to throw object about the scene.
  • On/Off - Interact with these objects using the ToggleObjectOn and ToggleObjectOff actions. All On/Off objects have a visible state change that occurs when toggled on or off (ie: laptop screen will be on with an image or blank when off)
  • Receptacle - These objects are classified as Receptacles, meaning that other objects can be placed on or in them if the other object can physically fit the Receptacle. Note that any Receptacles that are also Pickupable can be moved about the scene with any Sim Objects they actively contain.
Object Type Open/Close Pickupable On/Off Receptacle
AlarmClock No YES No No
Apple No YES No No
ArmChair No No No YES
BaseballBat No YES No No
BasketBall No YES No No
Bathtub No No No YES
BathtubBasin No No No YES
Bed No No No YES
Blinds No No No No
Book No YES No No
Boots No YES No No
Bottle No YES No No
Bowl No YES No YES
Bread No YES No No
ButterKnife No YES No No
Cabinet YES No No YES
Candle No YES No No
Cart No No No YES
CellPhone No YES No No
Chair No No No No
Cloth No YES No No
CoffeeMachine No No No YES
CounterTop No No No YES
CreditCard No YES No No
Curtains No No No No
Desk No No No YES
DeskLamp No No YES No
DishSponge No YES No No
Drawer YES No No YES
Dresser No No No YES
Egg No YES No No
FloorLamp No No YES No
Footstool No No No No
Fork No YES No No
Fridge YES No No YES
GarbageCan No No No YES
HandTowel No YES No No
HandTowelHolder No No No YES
HousePlant No No No No
Kettle No YES No No
KeyChain No YES No No
Knife No YES No No
Ladle No YES No No
LaundryHamper No No No YES
LaundryHamperLid YES No No No
Lettuce No YES No No
LightSwitch No No YES No
Microwave YES No No YES
Mirror No No No No
Newspaper No YES No No
NightStand No No No YES
Ottoman No No No YES
Painting No No No No
PaperTowel No YES No No
Pen No YES No No
Pencil No YES No No
PepperShaker No YES No No
Pillow No YES No No
Plate No YES No YES
Plunger No YES No No
Poster No No No No
Potato No YES No No
RemoteControl No YES No No
Safe YES No No YES
SaltShaker No YES No No
ScrubBrush No YES No No
Shelf No No No YES
ShowerDoor YES No No No
ShowerGlass No No No No
Sink No No No YES
SinkBasin No No No YES
SoapBar No YES No No
SoapBottle No YES No No
Sofa No No No YES
Spatula No YES No No
Spoon No YES No No
SprayBottle No YES No No
Statue No YES No No
StoveBurner No No No YES
StoveKnob No No No No
TableTop No No No YES
TeddyBear No YES No No
Television No No YES No
TennisRacket No YES No No
TissueBox No YES No No
Toaster No No No No
Toilet No No No YES
ToiletPaper No YES No No
ToiletPaperHanger No No No YES
ToiletPaperRoll No YES No No
Tomato No YES No No
Towel No YES No No
TowelHolder No No No YES
Vase No YES No No
Watch No YES No No
WateringCan No YES No No
Window No No No No
WineBottle No YES No No

Object Locations

Sim Objects of a given type can only be found in specific Scene Categories. This table details where objects can be found and at what frequency:

  • (All) - The object is guaranteed to exist in every scene of this category.
  • (Some) - The object can be found in some scenes of this category, but is not guaranteed to be in every scene.
  • (-) - The object cannot be found in scenes of this category.
Object Type Kitchen Living Room Bedroom Bathroom  
AlarmClock - - ALL -  
Apple ALL - - -  
ArmChair - some some -  
BaseballBat - - some -  
BasketBall - - some -  
Bathtub - - - some  
BathtubBasin - - - some  
Bed - - ALL -  
Blinds some - some -  
Book some some ALL -  
Boots - some some -  
Bottle some - - -  
Bowl ALL - - -  
Box - ALL some -  
Bread ALL - - -  
ButterKnife ALL - - -  
Cabinet ALL some some some  
Candle - some - ALL  
Cart - - - some  
CD - - ALL -  
CellPhone some some ALL -  
Chair some some some -  
Cloth - - some ALL  
CoffeeMachine ALL - - -  
CounterTop ALL some some some  
CreditCard some ALL ALL -  
Cup ALL - - -  
Curtains - some some -  
Desk - - some -  
DeskLamp - some ALL -  
DishSponge ALL - - some  
Drawer some some some some  
Dresser - some some some  
Egg ALL - - -  
FloorLamp - ALL some -  
Footstool - - some -  
Fork ALL - - -  
Fridge ALL - - -  
GarbageCan ALL ALL ALL ALL  
HandTowel - - - ALL  
HandTowelHolder - - - ALL  
HousePlant some ALL some some  
Kettle some - - -  
KeyChain - ALL ALL -  
Knife ALL - - -  
Ladle ALL - - -  
Laptop some ALL ALL -  
LaundryHamper - - some -  
LaundryHamperLid - - some -  
Lettuce ALL - - -  
LightSwitch ALL ALL ALL ALL  
Microwave ALL - - -  
Mirror some some ALL ALL  
Mug ALL - - -  
Newspaper - some - -  
NightStand - - some -  
Ottoman - some some -  
Painting some ALL some some  
Pan ALL - - -  
PaperTowel some - - some  
Pen some some ALL -  
Pencil some some ALL -  
PepperShaker ALL - - -  
Pillow - ALL ALL -  
Plate ALL - - -  
Plunger - - - ALL  
Poster - - some -  
Pot ALL - - -  
Potato ALL - - -  
RemoteControl - ALL some -  
Safe some some some -  
SaltShaker ALL - - -  
ScrubBrush - - - ALL  
Shelf some some some some  
ShowerDoor - - - some  
ShowerGlass - - - some  
Sink ALL - - ALL  
SinkBasin ALL - - ALL  
SoapBar - - - ALL  
SoapBottle ALL - - ALL  
Sofa - ALL some -  
Spatula ALL - - -  
Spoon ALL - - -  
SprayBottle - - - ALL  
Statue some some some -  
StoveBurner ALL - - -  
StoveKnob ALL - - -  
TableTop some some some some  
TeddyBear - - some -  
Television - ALL some -  
TennisRacket   - - some -
TissueBox - some some some  
Toaster ALL - - -  
Toilet - - - ALL  
ToiletPaper - - - ALL  
ToiletPaperHanger - - - ALL  
ToiletPaperRoll - - - ALL  
Tomato ALL - - -  
Towel - - - ALL  
TowelHolder - - - ALL  
Vase some some some -  
Watch - some some -  
WateringCan - some - -  
Window some some some some  
WineBottle some - - -  

Continue on to the Receptacle Object Types documentation for Receptacle Restriction information.