There are a total 120 scenes in version 1.0 of the THOR environment covering four different room categories: kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Each room has a set of objects that can be found in it. Note that some Object Types are guaranteed to be found in all scenes of a given category, while some are only sometimes found in scenes of a category. See the Object Types section for a full table of Object Type information.

During scene initialization, objects can be placed on different receptacles so we can obtain many different configurations for a single scene. Hence, the number of configurations is much larger than 120.

Kitchens (30 scenes, FloorPlan1 - FloorPlan30)


Screenshot from FloorPlan28

Objects that can be found in Kitchens:

Found in All Kitchens Found in Some Kitchens
Apple, Bowl, Bread, ButterKnife, Cabinet, CoffeeMachine, CounterTop, Cup, DishSponge, Egg, Fork, Fridge, GarbageCan, Knife, Lettuce, LightSwitch, Microwave, Mug, Pan, PepperShaker, Plate, Pot, Potato, SaltShaker, Sink, SinkBasin, SoapBottle, Spatula, Spoon, Stove Burner, Stove Knob, Toaster, Tomato Blinds, Book, Bottle, CellPhone, Chair, CreditCard, Drawer, HousePlant, Kettle, Ladle, Laptop, Mirror, Painting, PaperTowel, Pen, Pencil, Safe, Shelf, Statue, TableTop, Vase, Window, WineBottle

Living Rooms (30 scenes, FloorPlan201 - FloorPlan230)


Screenshot from FloorPlan204

Objects that can be found in Living Rooms:

Found in All Living Rooms Found in Some Living Rooms
Box, CreditCard, FloorLamp, GarbageCan, HousePlant, KeyChain, Laptop, LightSwitch, Painting, Pillow, RemoteControl, Sofa, Television ArmChair, Book, Boots, Cabinet, Candle, CellPhone, Chair, CounterTop, Curtains, DeskLamp, Drawer, Dresser, Mirror, Newspaper, Ottoman, Pen, Pencil, Safe, Shelf, Statue, TableTop, TissueBox, Vase, Watch, WateringCan, Window

Bedrooms (30 scenes, FloorPlan301 - FloorPlan330)


Screenshot from FloorPlan303

Objects that can be found in Bedrooms:

Found in All Bedrooms Found in Some Bedrooms
AlarmClock, Bed, Book, CD, CellPhone, CreditCard, DeskLamp, GarbageCan, KeyChain, Laptop, LightSwitch, Mirror, Pen, Pencil, Pillow ArmChair, BaseballBat, BasketBall, Blinds, Boots, Box, Cabinet, Chair, Cloth, CounterTop, Curtains, Desk, Drawer, Dresser, FloorLamp, Footstool, HousePlant, LaundryHamper, LaundryHamperLid, NightStand, Ottoman, Painting, Poster, RemoteControl, Safe, Shelf, Sofa, Statue, TableTop, TeddyBear, Television, TennisRacket, TissueBox, Vase, Watch, Window

Bathrooms (30 scenes, FloorPlan401 - FloorPlan430)


Screenshot from FloorPlan303

Objects that can be found in Bathrooms:

Found in All Bathrooms Found in Some Bathrooms
Candle, Cloth, GarbageCan, HandTowel, HandTowelHolder, LightSwitch, Mirror, Plunger, ScrubBrush, Sink, SinkBasin, SoapBar, SoapBottle, SprayBottle, Toilet, ToiletPaper, ToiletPaperHanger, ToiletPaperRoll, Towel, TowelHolder Bathtub, BathtubBasin, Cabinet, Cart, CounterTop, DishSponge, Drawer, Dresser, HousePlant, Painting, PaperTowel, Shelf, ShowerDoor, ShowerGlass, TableTop, TissueBox, Window

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