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$ pip install ai2thor


  • 120 rooms including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms
  • Over 2000 unique objects for AI agents to interact with
  • Based on Unity 3D which enables physical simulation for objects and scenes
  • Includes objects with visual state changes including open/close, on/off, hot/cold
  • Support for multiple agent types such as humanoids and drones
  • Support for multiple agents in a single scene
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  • 89 apartments with 600+ objects for AI agents to navigate within
  • Physical and simulated counterparts for 14 apartments
  • Uses the Locobot robot with a Kinect camera
  • Apartments built in a modular fashion drawing from an asset library
  • Physical apartments are easily reconfigurable
  • Simulation and real environments accessible to all
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Framework Comparison

Environment Navigable 3D Scene Scans 3D Asset Library Newtonian Forces Object States Object Specific Reactions Dynamic Lighting Multiple Agents Real Counterpart
iGibson   Push forces        
Habitat   Collisions